The App

He has certainly succeeded who purifies himself

Just like any Fitness App which will track your fitness status, Using EmaanTracker you will be able to track your daily prayers and Ibada’ath.

The concept of this App was conceived by below Quranic ayah


قَدْ أَفْلَحَ مَن تَزَكَّىٰ

(He has certainly succeeded who purifies himself) – Surah A’la

With this Mobile App, you will watch yourself about your religious duties. You will be able to tick mark what you have done and mark red what you have not. After using this application some time, you will not want to see red color in your stats. This will encourage you to pray more regularly and completely.  Insha Allah


My Prayers
This section will let you keep record of all your daily 5 prayers, it will allow you to mark if you performed along with Jamah or Single or you missed it.

My Quran
This section will let you keep track of your Quran study

Other Activities

In this section you will input other activities like your Book reading, Nawafill fasting, social service activities.

In this section you can keep record of all other books and we have uploaded lots of PDF online books

Every month you can see the development of your daily Ibada’ath with detailed reports.

If you are part of any organization then you can share you activity details to your organization head or with you family members

Qibla Finder 
shows the Qibla direction (Kaaba)